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Hi, I'm Libby...

I empower you to create better efficiency and more freedom in you work and business through productivity and time management tools and techniques.

Make better choices and work smarter.

Love what you do and achieve a positive life – work balance.

I learnt the hard way the cost of overwhelm and struggling with an out of kilter work/life balance.

I don't want this to be you!

How I got here

I started out along a very different path to the one I now follow. Straight out of school, I went to Norland College to become a legendary Norland nanny. (Lots of time spent helping small people to thrive!) Incredible training, amazing travel opportunities and a great insight to having a daughter of my own.

After my daughter, Bryony, was born, it was time to scratch my creative itch. This led to an HND in Creative Visual Arts where I created large and ambitious garden sculptures in concrete, lead and resin. 

By the time Bryony was settled in primary school, I decided that it was time for a new career. I studied full time at Sussex University, graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry. Three very different pathways so far!

My Biochemistry degree led to an opportunity in distribution of life science capital equipment. A sales role had never been on my to do list, but I loved it and was thrilled to progress to Capital Equipment Specialist, visiting top London institutions and advising researchers on the best equipment for their labs.

This led to a job in life science equipment manufacturing, culminating in a role as Global Sales and Marketing Manager. My professional experience was now extensive: sales, marketing, business development, business strategy, product development, people management and operations. The full range of business skills. Plus a lot of travel. In fact, there was barely a week when I wasn’t away from home.

Then the inevitable struck. I burnt out. I completely lost my voice for 3 months and ended up run down and depleted. I made the difficult decision to leave the job I loved. 

From burnout to business owner (or exhaustion to entrepreneur?)

Finding myself outside of the corporate world unexpectedly, here was the ideal opportunity to start my own business. I had learnt the hard way the cost of overwhelm and struggling with an out of kilter life / work balance. It soon became apparent that entrepreneurs have a lot of hats to wear and how quickly this could lead to new overwhelm. It was vital for me to learn how to separate the noise from all the bright, shiny new distractions. I didn’t want to find myself back in that negative cycle.

Now I'm helping others by sharing my passion for productivity and efficiency.

And so we come full circle to Libby Knight Consulting.

Now I am helping others by sharing my passion not only for productivity and time efficiency but also for balance, living to work, not the other way around.  It’s something I have to work on consistently and have all the tools to help you achieve the same.

Right now, I want to help people navigate the challenges they face during these unprecedented times.

Your own challenges might include:

  • being busier than ever
  • juggling more responsibilities
  • facing a loss in revenue
  • realising demand for your product or service has gone down
  • needing to adjust your business model
  • having to deliver your service according to new rules and restrictions
  • requiring an exit plan
  • an enormous sense of overwhelmed.

Everyone is experiencing some degree of change. But with a switch in mindset, methods to manage and even capitalise on the change, plus support to guide you through, you can come out stronger and more effective than ever before.

So What's My Advice?

Don’t underestimate yourself. That’s the first rule.  

You already possess the skills, knowledge and experience that you need to succeed. Each is a part of your unique puzzle, now you need to take the time to fit them together.

Once you establish strong foundations, you can consistently and intentionally produce, create and build the successful business – and life – that makes you, your clients and your family happy.

Join me in taking you and your business to the next level.

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